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Below is a link to the Health History form that can be printed and filled out.

Health History Form English & Spanish

Your child may have already received these vaccines. Please send, fax or bring these records to the school. The Health Dept and doctor’s office do not send these records to the school. It is your responsibility to make sure the school receives these records.

Fax numbers:

GHS: 574-534-1567
GMS: 574-534-3042
Chamberlain: 574-534-5918
Chandler: 574-533-1702
Model: 574-534-4220
Parkside: 574-533-1648
Prairie View: 574-534-4862
Waterford: 574-533-1408
West Goshen: 574-533-1362



It is your responsibility to have your student get these vaccines and to bring the records to school.

If your student has not had these vaccines, please schedule your appointment with the Elkhart County Health Dept or your doctor’s office.

It is the policy of Goshen Community Schools to commence expulsion proceedings on students who remain unimmunized at the close of the twenty (20) day period unless parents have filed a religious objection or submitted a physician’s statement that the needed immunizations are contra-indicated.

If you have questions, please contact: