At Goshen Community Schools, we combine high quality learning with enriching experiences to create superior opportunities for all students. We pride ourselves on educating our students to succeed in local and global communities. Students have the unique opportunity to explore and create an educational experience that builds on their interests and talents.

A public school system, GCS serves a large, diverse student body, yet maintains a small, friendly atmosphere. Special programs like Student Resource Time (SRT), Freshman Academy, and After School Tutoring enable GCS to keep an intimate, community feel to each school. Our teachers value all students and focus on developing relathips with students, parents, and the community to help nurture and educate the whole child.


GCS provides phenomenal educational opportunities that motivate students and expand their abilities. Student achievement reflects the GCS experience:

  • More National Merit Finalists than any other school in Elkhart County in the past fifteen years.
  • “A” students score considerably higher than “A” students in the state of Indiana.
  • Band, choir, and orchestra programs have both national and state recognition.
  • Athletic programs are highly competitive and have earned many honors.

Our teachers, both new and experienced, receive support and professional learning opportunities that help prepare, improve, build, and enhance their teaching methods.


Because of GCS’s strong extracurricular programs and supportive community, students have choice and chance in many areas. Additionally, high school students have several opportunities for off-site, hands-on education:

  • Marine Biology
  • Stratford Experience
  • Colorado Experience
  • World Language trips to Spain, Mexico, France, and Germany

All students have the chance to participate in:

  • Field trips
  • Class activities
  • Community activities


At GCS, we believe that diversity provides young and old a chance to learn more about the world and teaches how to navigate successfully through our ever-changing society. Our students reflect the changing America, and this helps challenge our students to grow and mature with a greater understanding of those dynamics. We are proud of the quality of education and opportunity that our international students receive through our English Language Learning (ELL) Department.

Learning Community

Learning is a lifelong activity. We learn partially because it is a natural endeavor. We also are motivated and challenged to learn when we are in an environment that promotes learning.

GCS fosters a healthy, successful environment that encourages individual and group learning. Our students learn in communities with other students, teachers, community members and experts. Our teachers and administrators work in learning communities with students, teachers, administrators, and community members and experts.


Our students are given clear expectations and held to excellence. They have to perform with their personal best and be reliable citizens.

Faculty and staff reinforce qualities of self-confidence, respect and responsibility by modeling them and using them to manage classrooms and hallways.


GCS is dedicated to providing our students with technology and courses that prepare them for the Information Age. Our students begin technology literacy in kindergarten. By high school, our students use advanced forms of technology in every class.

Our classrooms focus and sharpen problem solving and critical thinking skills in order to make our students active participants in their educational experiences.