Students in Goshen Community Schools experience an educational program that fosters growth in all areas of their lives. Students learn to be good citizens, caring human beings, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.

Our students benefit from programs that are crafted to help them find and enhance their talents as well as identify and strengthen their areas of weakness. GCS students have a plethora of choices in extracurricular activities ranging from music and sports to clubs and volunteer organizations.


Goshen Community Schools prides itself on strong academic integrity. Our staff of passionate educators continually works to improve the learning in their classrooms. Teachers have high expectations for all students and work to help students reach those expectations. Students recognize that education is an integral part of their future success.

Specialized Programs = Individual and School Success

Goshen Community Schools has a strong High Ability education program that helps service those students who require a more vigorous educational program. GCS also has several other specialized programs, including a strong English as a New Language program that serves the needs of students whose first language is other than English.


The athletic programs at Goshen Community Schools help students develop personal and leadership qualities such as determination, confidence, mental toughness, emotional control, and dependability. The challenges associated with competition create learning experiences for all athletes.

The educational value of athletics lies in how the athlete copes with the challenges of competitive sports. Coaches stress commitment, dedication, and hard work and work closely with the players as they face these obstacles.

Performing Arts

Students learn best by doing. Performance is one of the best ways to make learning real. Our performing arts programs are some of the best in the country. Our music programs begin in the elementary and continue through high school. Our musicals and theater productions are cutting edge and have included performances of Les Miserables, Peter Pan, Roshomon, and Godspell.