Goshen Community Schools is working with Cenergistic, Inc. to implement a comprehensive people-driven energy conservation program.

Judy Miller is the GCS Energy Manager.

Energy Saving Guidelines

  • Classroom doors shall remain closed when HVAC is operating. Ensure all other doors between conditioned space and non-conditioned space remain closed at all times.
  • All computers should be turned off each night. This includes the monitor, local printer, and speakers. Network equipment is excluded (i.e. servers).
  • All blinds should be closed each night.
  • All office machines (copy machines, laminating equipment, etc.) shall be switched off each night and during unoccupied times. Fax machines shall remain on.
  • All capable PC’s should be programmed for the “energy saver” mode using the power management feature. If network constraints restrict this for the PC, ensure the monitor “sleeps” after 10-minutes of inactivity or the monitor shall be manually shut off for expected inactivity.